• Why do I need to register?
    You need to register because all the transactions conducted through the app PayX are personalized and therefore registration is necessary for the identification of the user.
  • Is it possible to use PayX on a different device?
    Yes, you can use the application from various devices: smartphones, tablets and PCs. However, you still need to log in using the same account.
  • How can I register?
    To register, enter your phone number as the login. Create your password, and confirm it by re-entering it and click the button "Register." Then you will receive an SMS with a one-time confirmation code. After entering the confirmation code you can start using the application.
  • What should I do if I do not receive the one-time confirmation code?
    Firstly, please check your phone's settings and make sure the phone number you specified is working and that there are no problems with communication. PayX is not responsible for communication. In order to check the quality of the connection, you can contact your service provider. If you are certain that there are no problems with the connection and yet you have not received the one-time confirmation code, send us another request.
  • What should I do if I forgot my password?
    In order to recover your password, click on the button "Recover password". Shortly after, you will receive an SMS message with a temporary password, which must be changed immediately after you have logged in. If you are unable to restore your password, send us a request.
  • How is my personal information protected?
    Your personal information is protected by the use of your personal username and password. It is not PayX's intention to collect or store information about your cards. The registration of cards in PayX is carried out through the use of Armenian Card’s 3D Secure technology. Armenian Card is the largest processing center in Armenia.
  • How can I prevent the possibility of third parties using my devices to carry out transactions?
    In order to prevent this from occurring, we would suggest that you periodically change your password in PayX, and restrict third parties from accessing your smartphone, tablet or PC. In order to limit access to your devices, enable your security settings, using a password and/or a fingerprint scanner (if available).
  • Cards from what payment systems can I register to PayX?
    In the PayX application, you can register cards of payment systems: ArCa, Visa, and MasterCard. However, some services are available only for cards issued through the Armenian Card processing center.
  • Is it possible to make payments even if the money on the phone account runs out or without a SIM card?
    It does not matter if a SIM card is in the phone or not, as long as the user is registered with PayX and has access to the Internet it is possible to make payments.
  • Are there any restrictions and limits placed on the amount of transactions, amount of money spent daily, etc.?
    Yes there are limits set in place and this is done in order to ensure the security of payments in PayX. Some examples would be limits placed on the on the amount of daily and monthly payments, the maximum amount of payments, and the monthly total amounts and the number of transactions. It is also possible to set more stringent restrictions.
  • How do I pay using PayX?
    Enter the PayX application, click "QR payment" and align the camera with the QR code. PayX app will recognize PayX QR Code and will show the details of payment. Check the amount and the payee, and then click "Pay", after this you will receive a message on the completion of the transaction.
  • Where can I make payments using a QR Code?
    With the PayX application, you can make payments wherever the PayX logo is available: in stores, restaurants, cafes and other shopping and service outlets, including couriers and online stores. In addition, the "QR payment" can be used to pay utility and other services, as well as make transfers.
  • What should I do if the QR Code is not recognized?
    In PayX, you can only make payments using QR codes generated in PayX. Check the camera of your smartphone, make sure it is clean, and the QR code that has to be read is sufficiently lit and readable.
  • Is it possible to make transfers using PayX?
    In PayX, you can make transfers to cards that are either already registered in PayX application or that are issued by banks that are part of the Armenian Card Processing Center. You can also make transfers to bank accounts.
  • Can I use PayX outside of Armenia?
    Yes, all services that are provided by PayX are available outside of Armenia except from the use of QR payments. Outside of Armenia QR payments are available only in online stores.
  • Is a commission fee charged for using PayX?
    A commission fee is not charged for using PayX. For any other services the commission can be established by the providers. Information about the commission is submitted before the payment is made.
  • What should I do if the money was debited from the account, but the service was not provided or payment was not made?
    If a problem has occurred when making a payment using PayX, we suggest that you fill in an inquiry regarding the problem or request a chargeback from the bank that issued your card.
  • Where can I find the history of the transactions that I have made?
    The information regarding your transactions is available in the PayX application. The history of your transactions is also presented in the account statement that is provided by the bank that issued your card.